Kate The Waitress
I realized today I've been procrastinating and not writing for over a year now. Which is sad. So by now you're probably thinking, Kate, you're still a waitress? And I'm a little sad to admit that I am. I never wanted to be at this job this long, but in this economy you take any job you can.
A lot changes in a year. Craig got married (from the post about fun with coworkers) to an awesome fellow coworker, with the same last name. William, Luis and Kelly have all moved on (which is a shame, since Kelly made for some great stories.) and Charlie is no longer a host, but is now a server.
Things are as dramatic and ridiculous as ever in the restaurant business. There are slow days and there are busy days. And I promise that I will be better about posting the mishaps and crazy things that happen at our little restaurant this year. After all, if school goes the way I hope, I won't be living in this place for much longer. But in the meantime, I'll try to keep updated our stories.
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