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Last night was one of the slowest nights I can remember. When you've been at work for two and a half hours and you finally get your third table, that is slow. Slow nights are terrible for servers. The average server in Utah only gets paid 2.15 an hour. (with the exception of some high end restaurants in Park City and Salt Lake.) So for a job where you pretty much depend on your tips to be your wages, a slow night is torture. And when there are too many servers on, you're definitely not making anything. And last night, there were too many servers on.
I also believe that when it's slower, you get lower tips. I don't know why. I give my tables my full attention in this situation, so if anything, they should be tipping me more. But last night was a night full of a few tables who tipped 2-3 dollars. Even my 8 only left me 10%.
William and I closed together last night. I love William. He's this great kid that has been working there since he was a busser. He's one of the few who remembers the greats who have moved on before us to bigger and better and higher wage paying jobs. Like Wendy's.
Slow nights can drag on for an eternity, moving at a glacial speed. We deep cleaned quite a few things, cleaned off shelves, wiped down things that never get wiped down and cleaned...and then we looked at the clock and only an hour had passed.
I did have fun teasing and torturing our sweet new little host, Luis. I like telling him he needs to do things and when he looks at me and goes, "Seriously?" with his sweet little worried face, I just go, "No." with a monotone voice and walk off. His sighs of relief are usually loud enough to follow me down the hall. But when there's no tables, and you walk out with no money, then how do you not go insane? I wanted to go insane last night!
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